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The 16-gauge stainless steel tub is custom made from Wag'n Tails. This includes their standard Super Sudser bathing system and double drains for uneven parking surfaces so we can groom virtually anywhere. The new Wag'n Tails Smart Electric Lift Table is standard in all the vans we order.
1. This table lowers to 18" and raises to 44"(lifts up to 250lbs).
2. The table top rotates 180 degrees for stress free grooming.
3. It also features a pull out bridge to walk dogs from the table to the tub.

The "Equipment Room" located in the back of the Endurance Sprinter is professionally finished. There is convenient access to all plumbing, appliances, and electical through easily removeable access panels. Electrical boxes and wiring are recessed in the wall for safety. Separating the grooming section from the "Equipment Room" is important to reduce appliance noise and keep hair and moisture from damaging the appliances and equipment. Our systems are 100% self contained and we never need to connect to any of our customers home utilities.

In this picture you are looking from the sliding entry door toward the rear grooming area. Plenty of work space to move around and great LED lighting is reflected by the white high gloss walls and ceiling. The high gloss formica walls make cleaning a breeze. This allows us to keep the van cleaned and sanitized between customers.  The full size tub makes large pets a breeze and the slide out table bridge eliminates lifting large breeds and makes it a comfortable transition for your pet.

In picture to the left, you are looking towards the front of the grooming area. There is an abundance of space and a walk through door to the driving area. Two large partially tinted windows provide additional natural lighting. We urge all our customers at Orlando Mobile Pet Grooming to take a tour of our brand new fleet when we come in to groom your pets. We keep our equipment and vans sanitized and spotlessly cleaned whether it is 7 AM in the morning or 8 PM at night. Feel free to ask for a tour.

We at Orlando Mobile Pet Grooming chose Wag'n Tails pet grooming vans and trailers because Wag'n Tails mobile pet grooming conversions is a world leader in the mobile dog grooming equipment industry. All vans interiors are spacious and streamlined to create a comfortable stress free environment for the animals. Wag'n Tails has over 1100 units in operation in 43 states and internationally. Wag'n Tails has been in business since 1971 and have consistently been a leader in innovation, durability, and they are proudly manufactured in the USA! 

The Onan 8000 Quiet Diesel is conveniently accessible inside the rear doors of the pet grooming van. Three layers and sound proofing insulation minimize noise to be virtually non-existent. Of course with using the new Wag'n Tails Hybrid system, the generator is mostly used during the drying process or when AC is needed. Otherwise, this "green" vehicle is operating off battery power only. We never disturb neighbors and can work early in the morning and late at night with this quiet technology.

We would like to thank all of our pet grooming customers from over the years for their continued business with Orlando Mobile Pet Grooming LLC. As of March 1, 2018 all of our offices and trucks have been PERMANENTLY CLOSED. It was a sad day for us, but we couldn't continue.  For all of our loyal customers, we have identified after a very long and diligent search a highly qualified grooming company with the same level of premium affordable grooming we have been providing  for these many years. They are currently willing to take on new grooming clients for a limited time.  Reunion Pet Grooming Services is  currently the highest ranked 5 star leader in the pet grooming industry in Central Florida  they can be reached at  407-750-2004 or you can check out their website at