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Lindsey from Winter Garden, Florida

Jacob from Orlando, Florida

We've had our dog for a year and he had never been professionally groomed. Needless to say, I was nervous. Well, he just got groomed by Orlando mobile pet grooming and I couldn't wait to write a review. They did an AMAZING job. They were super friendly and when they brought him in I swear he was smiling. He looks like a new dog! I would highly recommend them to anyone and they have a life-long customer with me.

Katrina from Orlando, Florida

Ive called Orlando mobile pet grooming to bathe my Labrodoodle several times, and he always looks great!  All the employees I've met have been professional & super nice. Orlando mobile pet grooming makes an effort to supply the same groomer for each visit, so my pup is familiar with who takes care of him. Orlando mobile pet grooming has maintained a consistent cut each time I get him groomed.  I tried a few other groom spots before settling on this one & they've made a loyal customer out of me.

Rachel from Windermere, Florida

Orlando mobile pet grooming did a great job on my two dogs. They came on-time and did exactly what I asked for. I highly recommend this company to anyone who’s looking to treat their pups to a day at the spa without the hassle of having to load up everyone in the car. Thank you Orlando mobile pet grooming.

Second haircut for Lucky today... This time Lucky wasn't resistant when I handed over the leash which was a win-win-win situation for me, and Lucky. This time the result is also perfect. I tried grooming Lucky several times and failed miserably. Each time I factored increasing amount of time.  My last attempt i planned on an hour, but spent almost 2 hours that Friday and almost the entire afternoon on Saturday with bad results. The time, effort and skill required to groom a dog is significant. Orlando mobile pet grooming did a wonderful job grooming Lucky again.​

Carla from Windermere, Florida

Yes! Finally I will not be breaking my back bathing my dog in the tub. Amanda was awesome she made my dog feel comfortable from the get go. I have taken her to Petsmart before and after telling them as soon as she is done (no drying necessary) to call, I would still be waiting 4 hrs. She was completed in approx 30 mins and my dog was not stressed at all. She was very clean, nails were done perfectly and her shedding has decreased. I plan on using this service monthly now.​​

Orlando Mobile pet grooming did a superb job on my little Bella,  the groomer was very prompt and very gentle with my baby.  Tiffany looked fabulous when she was finished.  We are new to the Orlando area and didn't know of a great groomer.  Lucky for us our neighbor recommended Orlando mobile pet grooming.  We can't wait to use them again!!!!

Micheal from Celebration, Florida

Kelsey from Orlando, Florida

Cindy from Windermere, Florida

Lauren from Orlando, Florida

Orlando mobile pet grooming is the best! They returned my call quickly and were able to get my cat scheduled for the following weekend. They made me feel very comfortable when I explained I have a special needs kitty (deaf and has kidney failure) and assured me they’ve had a ton of experience with special needs cats & will take good care of him. Knowing they were cpr and first aid certified put my mind at ease. They obviously care a great deal about her customers!

Jordan from Orlando, Florida

I had been looking for a mobile grooming. Didn't like the place I used to take my Coco anymore. So I found Orlando mobile pet grooming. I love that Coco is the only dog they work on (since they're mobile). That way Coco doesn't have to wait in the little kennels they have at store groomers. they did exactly what I asked. Coco looked great!!!!! My husband even loved the way she looked, said it was the best she ever looked after coming back from the groomers. I've definitely found a groomer for life. Can't wait to use them again and recommend them to all of my family and friends.

Such a cool idea! Mobile grooming has saved me time & stress Orlando mobile pet grooming is incredible & completely professional. I have an elderly dog (16) that is a little too feisty at times, and the groomer handles him gently and with such care; I can't thank her enough. I have 4 dogs & 3 cats (all rescues) & she helps me keep them clean, clipped & trimmed without the worry of my animals being hurt (which has happened to my pet before at other groomers in the past) or the need to wrangle & pack up the car to get my boys cleaned up all at once. She arrived at my home, worked her magic & I had clean and happy pets in no time. I can't thank Orlando mobile pet grooming enough for taking such good care of my fur babies! I highly recommend you give them a try! ​​


Patricia from Winter Garden, Florida

Orlando mobile pet grooming is terrific. My 3 dogs hate getting their nails cut but they took on the task and no blood was drawn. It's hard getting 3 dogs to the groomer at once but this mobile unit came to us. I peeked in several times and my babies were handled gently and lovingly. Couldn't ask for a better job. Highly and definitely recommend...Next time it's kitty's turn

Mary from Celebration, Florida

Jackie from Orlando, Florida

Amanda has been grooming my pup, Lola for quite a while.  No one can even match Crystal's work.  She is fabulous. Last Saturday I brought Lola to get her shots and there was a groomer available at the location. Lola was a real mess and I thought that I might as well have her groomed as it was very convenient at the time.  She was loaded with mats and this groomer wanted to shave her.  I quickly got out of there and phoned Orlando mobile pet grooming.  She came today and cleaned Lola up as usual. No shaving involved. She got out the mats and Lola is looking like her beautiful self..  I can always count on Orlando mobile pet grooming.  Lola and I are always happy to see them pull up in our driveway. They can be counted on to arrive when promised and to do an exceptional job grooming my best friend.

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Amanda is great I can't imagine have anyone else take care of my Princess. My dog is crazy and Amanda great with her and always makes her look great. Thank you so much Orlando mobile pet grooming.

I found Orlando mobile pet grooming through my co worker. I just moved to Orlando a few months ago and I was looking for a groomer for my mini schnauzer Scruffy. It's very convenient having her come to my house. She did an exceptional job and Scruffy loved her. She was also able to give knowledgeable advice on how to treat Scruffy's dry skin. I will surely be using Orlando mobile pet grooming again and recommending them to everyone I can. So glad I was able to find such a wonderful groomer for my sweet pup! If you are looking for an awesome groomer call Orlando mobile pet grooming!​​

My kitty was in and out in under and hour and came back smelling wonderful with a shiny coat. Orlando mobile pet grooming prices are very affordable! I spent the same price as the groomer but without the stress of driving in the car with a crying cat. 

John from Winter Garden, Florida